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Hosted by The Wild and Deadly Show’s popular presenter and children’s author Nick Wadham
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The Bugfest entomological fair has something for everyone, thousands of creepy crawlies, children’s enrtertainment, local charities and so much more. A true community interest company! Coming to the main Big Top stage at Carfest and Children in Need 2016
The UK’s leading educational visit provider from pre-school to secondary/academies Providers of unparalelled care home enrichment
We don’t just bring a corn snake, a couple of cockroaches and some rats!  OH NO!  We bring some of the BIG stuff off TV too! Do you want to book us to come in and deliver the best animal experience ever?   Click here to find our calendar for the whole year.

The Spider Shop - spiders and inverts

Reptallica - reptile handling

The Wild and Deadly Show - Nick showing off

Hexapoda  - inverts

Exmoor Zoo - zoo stuff

Reptobug - inverts

Steve Eddy - inverts

Joe Dewit Vine - inverts

Arthtitic Arthropods - inverts

Portsmouth Tarantulas - tarantulas/inverts

Bristol Reptile Emporium - inverts

MK Exotics - plants substrates equipment inverts

Wimblett Products - décor hides equipment etc

Wayne Savage - caricature artist


Attractions and confirmed traders to expect:

Filip Owczarczak - mantids equipment etc

Richard Howard - souvenir photography

Tel Hicks - exotic animal clothing and art

Gemz ‘N’ Gifts - beautiful crafts

Mark T Rowe - beautiful nature inspired crafts

The Art and Craft Gallery

Clayton Patilla - inverts

Em Ben Bouncy Castle - lots of fun for the children

Adam@s Mantids - mantids

Julie Turton-Camus - stick insects

Ant Kit - ants - awesome amazing ants with setups too.

Cherry Blossom Wellness - stunning bug themed nail art for the  lovely laydees. Or boys too, mustn’t discriminate!

Dorset Wildlife Trust